Meet our Team

Russell - General Manager

"Russell has been with the company from the very start, if he cannot answer your questions then no one can. Highly knowledgeable in all wood products as well as our very own furniture and kitchen designer. Russell has a passion for sheep – he owns the Moorland Flock of Roussin Sheep based in Hatherleigh. "

Jeremy - Sourcing Manager and Valid Member of the Sales Team

"Jeremy has been with the company for twenty odd years playing a vital role as sourcing manager. Jeremy travels the world finding all of the lovely products that we are lucky enough to sell. Jeremy knows everything there is to know about the company and he also gets to fix all of the machinery we have!

Jodie - Yard Sales

Jodie joined the company back in 2012 and has since been learning everything about our timber and hard products.  With Russell taking the helm and more demand for bespoke furniture, Jodie has successfully taken up the mantle in the timber yard office.   

Jo – Marketing Manager

"Jo works part time in the office whilst juggling work with a four year old son who thinks he's the junior director!  Jo takes care of all of the advertising, website work and bookwork.  


The Yard Boys

"Not sexist, but we do have a full male crew. The yard boys are the start of the process really from unloading the lorries of wood and containers of granite to de-nailing, machining and drying the wood. They process all of the reclaimed flooring orders and supply an endless list of wood for the workshop."

The Workshop Crew

"The manufacture hub. All of our furniture and kitchens are hand made here in Devon. We have a 15 man crew hand making furniture from a bedroom chest of drawers to a fully bespoke kitchen or walk in wardrobe. A highly skillfull operation and a pleasure to watch. Old pieces of timber, salvaged and turned into something unique. Why not come along and see for yourself."


Our main driver for local (Devon -London) deliveries is Ben, he delivers the majority of the furniture deliveries.   We try not to send too much furniture through couriers so that we can stay in control/care of things however, we do use a local firm for heavier drops such as pallets of stone/slate materials. "

The Finishing Team

"Our Finishing boys and girls make the final impact. They sand, polish, paint, wax and oil every piece of furniture. All of our finishing is done by hand, we do not spray paint.