Riven Slate Flagstones 600 x 300 x 12mm – price per m2

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Slate flagstones have been used in households for hundreds of years – they are a timeless flooring option and require very little maintenance.

As Chinese Slate production has ceased, we’re able to present the 600 x 300 x 12mm slate flagstones for an unmissable price!

The slates are hand-split meaning the texture is riven – the thickness of 12mm varies across the flagstones due to this. The are roughly sawn on the underside and have an undulating surface.

Using the one size of rectangular slate has many options: laying in brick fashion; rotating some tiles to give more of a random effect; or in a uniform style creating a modular floor.

You can seal the slate using one of our Lithofin products, giving you choice of the final finish. Some sealants are clear and do not change the appearance, some intensify the colour and create a light sheen and others can darken the slate and leave a matte finish.

*Please note: not all images relate to this specific size but are displayed to represent to colour and look of the floor.


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