The word ‘bespoke’ can be used a little liberally these days, but truly bespoke furniture is a cut above the rest. Here, we will be looking at what bespoke furniture is and why you should choose it over mass-produced pieces when furnishing your home.


What is bespoke furniture?

Bespoke furniture is unique furniture that has been custom made for a specific purpose, designed to certain desired specifications that include, size, shape and material. Often, bespoke furniture pieces are one-offs and, even if they are made to the same design, no two are exactly the same. 


Advantages of bespoke furniture


Get the perfect fit

When you buy off-the-shelf or mass-produced furniture, you may get a choice of a couple of sizes if you’re lucky, but most of the time you have to make your choice of style based on what will fit in the space you have available. If you have a room with an unusual space, such a slanted roof, then you often have to choose furniture that is much smaller than you would have liked.

Choosing bespoke furniture allows you to commission a piece which fits your space exactly, even in awkward areas. The exact measurements of the space you are trying to fill are taken, and something can be designed in your preferred style that slots in perfectly, no matter how unusual that shape may be.


Thoroughly unique

Unlike standard furniture, with bespoke pieces, you don’t need to choose extreme or unusual designs just to have something different to everyone else. Bespoke pieces are one-of-a-kind, so even the most subtle designs have their own identity. However, if you do prefer more unconventional styles, the potential is limitless with bespoke furniture.

Since bespoke furniture is often handcrafted, even two pieces created to the same design will have noticeably unique qualities that set them apart from each other just from the method of manufacturing.


Tailor the style to suit your room

Another great thing about bespoke furniture is that the design style is completely up to you. As pieces are made to order, you can choose a style and a finish to match the aesthetic in your room. This isn’t limited just to a colour scheme either – rustic, industrial or modern furnishings can all be matched by unique designs that fit your motif.


Make the most of your space

Standard furniture often comes with either too little storage space or far more than you need. We’ve mentioned how bespoke furniture can make better use of space in an unusually-shaped room, but it can also be used for some great storage solutions. Because you get to choose how the furniture is designed, you can cater to your storage needs by choosing the number and size of drawers in a cabinet, the number of shelves on a bookshelf, or even add storage compartments to non-storage pieces like footstools or chairs.

This means that less space in the room will be taken up by extra storage furniture you don’t need, leaving the room far less cluttered.


Hopefully, you’re a little more familiar with what bespoke furniture is and agree that it’s the more stylish and practical option if you want to make the most out of your space. You can view our unique furniture range, or get in touch if you have a custom piece in mind.

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