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Why Use Reclaimed?

Why not!!  We have a worldwide problem with waste and although we as one are not going to stop it, we can do everything possible to avoid it.  Winkleigh Timber is proud to be one of the largest stockist of reclaimed timbers and materials in the South West.  We scour the country for old timbers looking for a new home and we are happy to give them a new lease of life.  By using reclaimed timbers, we are not only using what would effectively be a waste product but we are cutting down on the number of people buying furniture and flooring made from new timbers cut purposfully for the job.  Using Reclaimed allows Russell (our furniture designer) and our passionate team of carpenters to create furniture and flooring that is brimming with character and history – naturally.

We work with a full range of different timbers from old scaffold boards, factory ceiling baords to old oak beams that have been fished out of the water.  Old reclaimed timbers, yes even those submerged in water for decades have all of the natural features that so many people try to create by hand and by machine from new wood.  It’s just not in the same league.

So, for a rustic range of furniture or flooring, look no further than our Country Classic Pine, Organic Oak and our endless range of flooring.

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