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Established in 1983, we are a very proud family run business. We strongly believe that home is most definitely where the heart is and family and home-life is paramount. After all, it’s where we all begin, where we belong, where we evolve from and undoubtedly where we all come back to. Our ethos is to create and supply wonderful, everlasting, natural products to make and fill your home.
Working with wood came without notice, having worked all his life with machinery Timber was relatively new to John. Buying an old wood yard for storage purposes, it soon became obvious though that the popularity and demand for wood was there. With solid contacts in the demolition game, sourcing the old material came with ease so there grew (like a tree from an acorn) a thriving timber flooring and furniture business. Some 35 years later, we’re still going strong.
Our main supply of reclaimed timber comes from the Uk. We have teams across the country sourcing old sites up for demolition - not just timber though, we come across some unique reclaimed bricks, tiles, flagstones and if we’re lucky original ‘walked on’ floor boards. They are like gold dust!
Over the years, we have developed and progressed into other natural materials. We travel around the world and get right to the core product. No middle man, no agents - we meet and often are invited to stay in the homes of our future suppliers - meet their families - grandparents, children - dine with them around the family table - actually know who we are dealing with and see the product. From Brazil, China, Bangladesh, India, America, France, Romania - we’ve been there and made personal contact.
So, all in all we have a true focus on raw materials and customer care. We love to see and speak face to face to our customers with regards to their wishes but, if distance comes between us then we will do our utmost to provide you with the quality materials that you will most certainly treasure forever.

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