The dining room is the space where everyone comes together, not just to eat but also to take a break from the day, sit back and relax. Here are our top five rustic design ideas to give your dining room some welcome warmth and charm.


Invest in a large farmhouse table

The dining table isn’t just for eating, it’s also for socialising, getting work done or just taking some time to relax, so a large farmhouse table is the perfect choice for entertaining guests while creating a great focal point for your dining room.

A sturdy table made from reclaimed wood is a rugged, stylish option and has an unmistakably rustic feel. Bespoke rustic tables can also be made to measure so that all your family and guests have a place come dinner time.


Match your dining chairs to the table

A lot of modern homes use contrasting chairs to add a pop of colour to the dining room, but many rustic designs have the dining table and chairs as a matching set. This gives some unity to the room, and also further enhances the table as the focal point.

If you want to make things a little more interesting (and cater for more guests) while retaining that rustic feel, you could opt for a bench on one side instead of chairs, such as our pine bench matched with our pine farmhouse table.


Work with solid woods such as oak

One of the staples of rustic design is the use of solid wood, and your dining room should be no different. Solid woods are unmatched in their sturdiness and durability, and their natural appearance is so striking that they don’t need painting to complement a theme.

If you have a combined dining room and kitchen, you can add some solid wood here too, such as by adding an oak larder for storing foodstuffs or some oak bar stools if you have a kitchen island or breakfast bar that needs a rustic edge.


Choose wooden flooring made from reclaimed timber

Furniture isn’t the be-all and end-all of rustic dining room ideas. If you want to give a new feel to the whole room, why not choose some wooden flooring made from reclaimed timber? Real wooden flooring will allow you more freedom with your choice of furnishings whilst retaining an overarching rustic feel.

Wooden flooring can pair well with so many different designs, such as industrial-style fittings and splashes of light or pastel colours on walls and cabinets.


Find a large dresser with lots of storage

One of our personal favourite rustic dining room ideas is to install a large dresser with lots of storage which is both aesthetically-pleasing and practical. Dressers are a great way to make use of space by storing all your plates, glasses, and anything else you may need in the dining room whilst still looking fantastic.

Units such as our pine manor dresser make an impressive feature with all the storage and display space that you could want, but an Irish dresser is also a good option for smaller spaces, especially with an in-built wine rack for when you’re entertaining.


Those were our top 5 ideas for a rustic dining room, but these are just a fraction of what is possible with bespoke furniture and a little imagination. We have a range of beautiful handcrafted products available or, if you want to discuss your design ideas with us, feel free to get in touch.

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