Reclaiming wood is a great way to give new life to old timber, and it looks fantastic in the home. We’ve spoken about what reclaimed wood is in a previous blog, but here we’re going to go into a little more detail about the benefits of reclaimed wood and why you should be using it in your home.


Reduces waste

One of the main benefits of reclaimed wood is that it reduces waste – literally. The timber used for reclaimed wood often comes from structures up for demolition or that have otherwise fallen into disuse. Rather than the timber going to waste in an old mine, sinking into a riverbed, or eventually rotting in the outdoors, it can be used again to create incredible furnishings and structures, without any extra manufacturing other than being cut to size.



Reclaimed wood is as environmentally-friendly as it gets. The timber has already been used for construction but is no longer needed and, rather than processing it down to mulch and then recycling it into new wood, the wood is just cut to shape and treated so that it is workable in its new application. Essentially, you are preventing the need for new material to be manufactured.


Looks attractive

Most solid wood looks great, with a natural visual texture from the grain and colour from the type of wood, and this aesthetic can never quite be matched by man-made substitutes. Reclaimed wood is often even more detailed in its appearance, having gained something from the environment of its previous life. This could be in the form of an unusual grain pattern – a patina caused by weathering or a unique hue that has developed over time.



Another benefit of using reclaimed wood is its unique identity. Because bespoke furniture is often handmade-to-order, no two pieces are ever the same, even if they have been made to the same design. Reclaimed wood furniture will bear marks from its former life that make it distinct from other pieces due to its unique grain, knots and colour combinations, and it may also have one-of-a-kind textures from damage or weathering that have been smoothed and treated for stability but retained for character.


Your furniture will have character and history

One of the most intriguing benefits of reclaimed wood furniture and flooring is that it comes with its own character and history. Your cabinet or table may have previously been part of a wine barrel, family barn or even a historic building. Having a story behind your furniture makes it all the more special, and an intriguing conversation starter for guests. You may even be able to identify marks or textures in the wood that were caused by a specific event, such as damage from a fire, or where the wood had been repaired or reinforced after a storm.


The benefits of using reclaimed wood go further than just these five points, but it’s a good starting point to learning what makes this material so special. 

If you want flooring or a piece of furniture that looks great, has its own vibrant history and is good for the environment, then go for reclaimed wood.

To get started, you can view our reclaimed wood flooring, or get in touch about the bespoke furniture services we can offer you.

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