Many homes have a small bedroom or box room that doesn’t seem to have much room for anything more than a bed. However, by choosing the right furniture and making some creative design choices, you can make it into a cosy haven. Here are some ideas on how to fit furniture in a small bedroom.

Don’t neglect the essentials

Even though you might be tempted to forego some of the features that take up a lot of room, such as a wardrobe or a chest of drawers, having the core, quality pieces is essential for the space to still feel like a proper bedroom. Opting for high-quality furniture that has its own character will mean you don’t need to worry as much about decorating the room to make it feel welcoming. Solid wood furniture has a unique charm that can’t be imitated, especially when made from reclaimed wood.

Buy for purpose

If the bedroom is for a child, then you can look for furniture made specifically for children. These pieces will take up less room but still be fit for purpose. Your child likely doesn’t need a full-size wardrobe for their clothes, and a smaller wardrobe will give you space above to also store items above it. The same goes for other pieces like the bed.

Be realistic about the space you have

There’s no point in getting a king-size bed for a small bedroom. Whatever space you have, you should measure it precisely and buy furniture that fits that area. This might mean you have to consider only having a single bed, especially if you want to fit other furniture in the room too, along with space to get around.

Take advantage of wall space

Whilst small bedrooms lack floor space, you may have room on the walls for shelves or other thin wall-mounted units. Even if you don’t need the storage, shelves can be used to hold ornaments, plants, or other decorations that can make the small space feel much more welcoming without taking up any extra room.

Find furniture that has extra storage built in

In a small bedroom, you aren’t likely to have much room to fit any furniture specifically for storage other than a wardrobe, which is why you should look for a wardrobe with built-in drawers or a bed with space underneath. This way, you get somewhere to keep your clothes and belongings without losing any more floor space.

Go bespoke

It can be difficult to find furniture for a small bedroom when you’re trying to maximise the space you have. Bespoke furniture is often a good option for small spaces because you can specify the exact requirements rather than trying to ‘squash’ furniture into a small space. Opting for custom-made furniture is also the best option if you have an unusually shaped space, such as a slanted roof or an alcove that can’t be filled with ‘off-the-shelf’ furniture.


It can be a headache trying to work out how to fit furniture in a small bedroom whilst still making it seem warm and welcoming, but hopefully these tips have given you some inspiration. With the right pieces of quality furniture, any space can feel luxurious. 

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