When we put a lot of time into the interior of our homes and our gardens, it can be easy to neglect the driveway. However, the driveway is the first thing people encounter when approaching your property. Even if your house looks great, an unattractive driveway can severely spoil the effect. Here are some ideas of how you can make your driveway look better and your property more inviting.


Create an attractive entrance

The first step you can take to make your driveway look better is to revamp the entrance. The entrance creates the first impression of the driveway, and an old gate or an unkempt hedge doesn’t have much appeal. 

Instead, why not make use of beautiful, natural stone such as granite to create the entrance to your driveway? This will give your driveway a striking look without appearing too grand, while using a natural material that requires little maintenance and won’t fade or lose its lustre over time.


Decorate your driveway with granite spheres

A unique way to make your driveway look better is to decorate it with granite spheres. These natural stone pieces are a great way to create divisions and borders in the driveway, such as for car parking, landscaping, or footpaths, or simply for some unique and striking decoration. Granite is far stronger than man-made materials such as concrete, so you don’t need to worry about longevity or maintenance either.


Pave the driveway with aesthetically-pleasing setts

One sure way to make your driveway look better is to repave it. Aesthetically-pleasing setts such as grey or pink granite can look fantastic on any property. Alternatively, a vibrant red brick gives a warmer feel and can make your driveway more of a feature than an afterthought. These materials are also incredibly durable which makes them perfect for driveways where multiple cars will be parked.


Decorate your posts with pier caps

If your driveway has posts at its entrance, you can enhance them by topping them with pier caps made from natural stone. Granite pier caps, for example, look especially good on top of posts made of a contrasting brick and will give a grand feel to your driveway entrance. For visual unity, you can also decorate any low walls with toppers made with the same design and material.


Include planted borders

Creating borders in your driveway provides more visual texture and, by including plants or flowers, you can add some beautiful organic greenery to the space. Plants look especially good when paired with natural stone paving for an ‘all natural’ aesthetic.

You can install planted borders around the edges of the driveway or as dividers between different areas. If you opt for planters then you also get a choice of material which will further enhance the aesthetic, such as wood or stone.  Oak Sleepers are an ideal choice to create borders, steps or raised areas or maybe you wish to complement your driveway by using granite kerbs.


It doesn’t take much to make a driveway look better, just giving it a little attention and selecting the right materials will go a long way. Natural materials are a great choice because they have a lot of visual character and are inherently durable, but even just making small changes such as having some well-tended planted borders can significantly enhance a driveway’s aesthetic.

If you are looking to make improvements to your driveway, you can browse our range of patio and driveway materials.

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