As the weather gets warmer, most of us will want to spend the spring and summer months enjoying our gardens and outdoor areas, especially if we’re still working from home! With that in mind, we’ve put together some garden improvement ideas that are easy to implement and won’t break the bank either.


Refresh your patio with some beautiful natural stone paving areas

The patio is a place to relax and enjoy the scenery, entertain guests or simply sit back and enjoy a drink after a spot of gardening, which is why our first garden improvement idea is to refresh your patio. You can do this by replacing your current patio brick or paving with some beautiful natural stone such as slate or granite flagstones which will give a wonderful aesthetic to any garden.


Create a new patio area if you don’t already have one!

If you don’t have a patio, then you don’t have to miss out! Why not use this time to create a new patio area to give yourself a place to relax in a reclining chair or set up an al fresco dining table? Just because you don’t have a patio area already, it doesn’t mean that installing one is a huge undertaking. You can do it yourself with high-quality materials and a little research!


Create raised beds in your garden for vegetables or a flower border

One of the easiest garden improvement ideas you can implement is to install some raised beds or planters in your garden to create a flower border or grow vegetables. You can create these using solid oak timber sleepers or using natural stone products for the borders. As well as making your garden more visually interesting, you may even find a new eco-friendly hobby in the form of growing your own vegetables!


Add unique decorative features such as granite spheres

Another simple idea to improve your garden is to add some decorative features, such as granite spheres. These can be used to create borders in the garden or just for decoration but, either way, they create a striking aesthetic. What’s great about adding decorative features is they often require very little preparation to install, but can have a big effect.


Go for a Mediterranean feel with terracotta tiles

If you fancy trying something a little bit different for your garden that embodies that warm weather spirit, then you could include some terracotta tiles or paviours in your redesign. You could use terracotta tiles as patio paving or create a walled backdrop to your seating area with handmade red bricks. The warm orange tones will give your garden a welcome Mediterranean feel all year round.


Add steps to a sloping garden for a more polished effect

If you have a sloping garden, one simple improvement you can make for a more polished effect is to add some steps or a tiered pathway that makes the most of the unique shape. These steps could be used to border a flower bed, separate a seating area or just create an eye-catching feature. You can make sloping garden steps from a huge range of materials such as timber and aggregates or using large slabs of natural stone – the only limitation is your imagination!


While we’re all waiting for another spring and summer of (hopefully) favourable weather, there’s no better time to start thinking about a new outdoor renovation project.

Hopefully you can see how effective some simple improvements can be, but if you need some more inspiration, why not take a look at our range of garden and patio materials?

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