If you’re redesigning your kitchen, a couple of options you may be considering are a kitchen island or a peninsula, particularly if you’re growing frustrated with having limited counter space, seating or storage. Hopefully this blog will make that decision a little easier.

Is a kitchen island better than a peninsula?

We would say that yes, a kitchen island is better than a peninsula. This is because it can serve the same function as a peninsula, but is more versatile, allows more seating and usually more storage too, as well as creating an extra, separate workstation that doesn’t crowd the rest of the counter space. Here’s a little more about each of those benefits.


A kitchen island gives you more freedom of where to place it to maximise space and create your ideal walkways. A peninsula, on the other hand, will always be attached to the rest of your kitchen countertops and the wall, leaving you with at least one end and a portion of one side that are unusable (at least for seating and possibly storage). If you get a movable kitchen island, then you will also be able to change up your arrangement whenever you like.

Provides extra seating and another place to eat

You can get some extra seating out of most peninsulas, but you will be limited by where it is attached to the wall and the other countertops, and you will also have to leave space on the other side to allow for stools or chairs. Kitchen islands are better in this regard because you can place them anywhere, which allows for seating all the way around, either casually, as a breakfast bar, or a solution for if you don’t have a dining room or table.

Adds hidden storage space in addition to cabinetry

Both a kitchen island and a peninsula will offer you some extra storage space, but because kitchen islands are usually larger and you can access all sides of the unit, you are likely to get more storage space, both in terms of the number of cabinets but also hidden storage like drawers and shelves.

Provides extra space for appliances and outlets or a small sink

Another area where a kitchen island is better than a peninsula is the extra space provided. Because kitchen islands are available in some large sizes, you get plenty of extra space to store any appliances and free up more space on your countertops. You could move your kettle and toaster to the kitchen island, have the microwave fitted into the side of the unit or even have a small sink installed so that you can take care of your entire food prep.

Offers an extra, separate workstation

Most people run out of space with the countertops that they have, and often there are extra appliances or a hob on the side that limits that space further. A kitchen island gives you an extra, separate workstation to prepare food, or even as a place to work on your laptop. Having this extra work surface away from the countertops is especially beneficial when there is more than one of you preparing food in the kitchen at the same time.


In many ways, a kitchen island is better than a peninsula, although personal taste does account for a lot in these situations. One final suggestion we would make if you are really keen on the look of a peninsula is to find a smaller kitchen island that matches your existing cabinetry and countertops, and place it where you would have a peninsula. This way, you always have the option of rearranging.

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