If you’re looking to spruce up your patio and give it a fresh new look, there are a few patio design ideas that can help you achieve your desired aesthetic. Here are some of our favourite patio design ideas:

Invest in good-looking natural stone for your patio base

Our first patio design idea is to invest in a quality material for your patio base. Natural stone, such as sandstone or granite, is one of the best options available due to its strength, durability, natural weather resistance, and unmatched aesthetic.

Choose a characterful set of outdoor furniture

Comfortable and stylish patio furniture can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your patio. Consider something characterful, such as furniture made out of reclaimed wood, but make sure it is finished with a weather-resistant coating. Consider adding a table and chairs or a comfortable outdoor sofa to your patio design and accessorise the furniture with cushions and pillows in colours and patterns that complement your outdoor space. 

Accessorise with potted plants or raised beds made out of wooden sleepers

No patio is complete without some greenery, and potted plants or raised plant beds made from wooden sleepers can make a wonderful addition to your outdoor space. Adding plants and flowers to your patio can instantly give it a more natural and organic feel. Choose plants that are suited to the amount of sunlight your patio gets and that will thrive in the climate you live in.

Invest in a fire pit

You want to get the most out of your patio in the warm months, so when it gets dark but it is still warm enough to sit outside, one of the best things you can do is invest in a fire pit that allows you to sit out under the stars in warmth and comfort. 

Link the patio with a garden path

A garden path helps to save your grass from damage caused by constant foot traffic and also provides another attractive visual feature. You could choose to make your path out of the same natural stone materials as your patio, or go for a contrast by using wooden sleepers to make some rustic steps!

Install outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can help create a cozy and inviting atmosphere on your patio, especially in the evening. Consider installing string lights, lanterns, or even a chandelier to add some sparkle to your outdoor space.

Create a focal point

A focal point can help anchor your patio design and draw the eye to a specific area. Consider adding a water feature, a sculpture, or some granite spheres to create a unique and eye-catching feature on your patio.

Add some shade

If your patio is exposed to the sun, consider adding some shade to make it more comfortable on hot days. A retractable awning, pergola, or umbrella can all provide relief from the sun while adding a stylish element to your patio design.

Add outdoor rugs

Adding an outdoor rug to your patio can help define the space and add a pop of color or pattern. Look for rugs made from weather-resistant materials that can withstand the elements.

Incorporate water features

Water features such as fountains, ponds, or waterfalls can add a soothing and relaxing element to your patio design. They also help create a natural ambiance by attracting birds and other wildlife.

Install a pergola

A pergola is a great way to add shade and structure to your patio design. It also provides a perfect space for hanging outdoor plants or installing string lights.

Personalise with decor

Adding decor such as outdoor pillows, wall art, and tabletop accessories can help personalise your patio design and make it feel more like an extension of your home.


By incorporating these patio design ideas, you can create a beautiful and inviting outdoor space that you’ll love spending time in.Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to relax or an outdoor space for entertaining, there’s a patio design idea that’s right for you. To get started, why not take a look at our patio and driveway materials?

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