When it comes to interior design, sideboards are a versatile and practical addition to any home. These functional pieces of furniture not only provide extra storage but also serve as a visual focal point that can tie together your overall decor. 

Here, we will explore various creative ways to style a sideboard, showcasing their versatility within different rooms of the house. 

Create Order in a Home Office

A well-organised home office is essential for productivity and focus. A sideboard can be a valuable addition to help you create order in this space. Utilise the ample storage provided by the sideboard’s drawers and cabinets to keep your office supplies, paperwork, and other essentials neatly tucked away. Use decorative boxes or baskets to further organise smaller items and maintain a clutter-free environment. 

On top of the sideboard, place a desk lamp, a potted plant, or some motivational quotes to infuse the space with personality and inspiration. With a well-styled sideboard, you can turn your home office into a functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

Improve Lighting with Reflective Surfaces

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and ambiance of a room. To enhance the lighting in your living space, consider incorporating reflective surfaces into the design of your sideboard. Place a mirror on the wall behind the sideboard which will not only reflect natural light but also create an illusion of a larger space. 

Additionally, you can place table lamps or candle holders with reflective surfaces on top of the sideboard to further amplify the lighting effect. The combination of mirrors and reflective objects will infuse your room with a sense of brightness and warmth.

Add a Functional Surface with a Bathroom Side Table

In a bathroom, storage and functionality are key. While side tables are commonly used in living rooms or bedrooms, they can also serve a practical purpose in the bathroom. A compact side table placed next to the bathtub or vanity can provide a convenient surface to hold essential items like towels, toiletries, or a tray for your morning coffee or tea. 

Look for side tables that have been treated with a moisture-resistant finish to ensure durability in the humid bathroom environment. With a well-chosen side table, you can add a touch of elegance and functionality to your bathroom space.

Use a Compact Side Table as a TV Stand

Gone are the days when TV stands had to be bulky and unsightly. Nowadays, with sleek and minimalist designs, compact side tables can serve as stylish alternatives for TV stands. Choose a side table that is wide and sturdy enough to accommodate your television. Look for models with additional storage options such as shelves or drawers to keep your media devices and accessories organised. 

You can further enhance the visual appeal by incorporating decorative elements such as framed artwork, plants, or statement decor pieces on the side table. By using a compact side table as a TV stand, you can create a modern and streamlined look in your living room.

Side Tables for Separation in an Open Plan Room

Open plan living spaces offer a sense of freedom and flexibility but can sometimes lack defined boundaries. To create separation and delineate different areas within an open plan room, strategically placing side tables at the back of a sofa can be an effective solution. This arrangement not only adds functionality by providing additional storage or surface space but also acts as a visual divider. 

Choose side tables that complement your existing furniture and decor, and consider the height and scale of the tables to maintain a balanced and harmonious look. With well-placed side tables, you can achieve both practicality and aesthetics in your open plan living space.

Turn a Side Table into a Bookshelf

Are you looking for a unique way to display your favourite books? Why not repurpose a side table into a bookshelf? A sideboard is a great open and airy book storage solution. You can also mix in decorative items such as vases, sculptures, or framed photos to add visual interest. This clever transformation not only maximises the functionality of your side table but also adds a stylish touch to your living space.

Side tables are not only functional but also versatile pieces of furniture that can enhance the style and organisation of your home. From transforming a side table into a bookshelf to using it as a TV stand or a bathroom surface, the possibilities are endless. 

By incorporating side tables into your decor, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing living space while maximising storage and functionality. So, go ahead and explore the many ways you can style a sideboard in your home to add that perfect touch of practicality and aesthetics.


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