Engineered Barn Oak Flooring – priced per m2

£48.00 (ex VAT)

Pre-filled and finished engineered oak flooring with a 6mm veneer of oak on the surface

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Our Engineered Oak is incredibly popular for those with underfloor heating or for those with movement concerns looking for stability.

The clear oil enhances the grain and increases the prominence of the natural, golden honey tones. The caramel coloured filler enables the floor to retain its natural knots, shakes and splits whilst providing a blemish free, smooth, ready-to-use floor. This floor is perfectly suited to any room – be it a country kitchen or a contemporary living room, it will add warmth and cosiness to any space.

This floor is 189mm wide, 18/6mm thick, (75% of) lengths at 1.9m.
Pack size = 2.17m2


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