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Absolutely Stunning! – these are unique pieces of art but, in a table!

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All of our tables are hand made to order especially for you. Each table, whichever style you select is unique and individual and based on the timbers that we use and select for tables.

Our Mirror image tables are made from large pieces of timber that are split and opened up rather like a butterfly effect creating the mirror image. These tables are also Pot Luck!, as we never know what we will reveal until we open them up. We have had a few really special tables that, when you look closely you can almost see an animals face – we certainly had a horses head!

We have random lengths of these timbers but, the widths do stop at around 36″ as it becomes a two plank table.

We can make small tables and large tables so please do contact us with your preferred size and then we can offer you a quotation. For customers a distance from us, we can send detailed images prior to making, during manufacture and when finished pre delivery.

Images supplied as just a selection of previous tables that we have made. We cannot replicate a pattern or table exactly due to the natural nature of the timbers.

For further information or a price, please do not hesitate to contact us.