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Hand crafted, superb quality, made to measure solid oak stable doors.

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Looking for a beautiful, durable and solid oak door? Look no further. At Winkleigh Timber, we make all of our doors individually to customer size and requirements – nothing is ‘off the shelf’. Our external oak doors are all approx 44m thick so you can rely on your new door be solid and strong. Glazing requirements are individual – we can create different configurations including diamond, arched, single or multiple square panes in double glazing, opaque glazing or toughened glass. All glazing is fitted within a wooden frame and angled wooded beading. We have a wide range of ironmongery such as letter box, door handles, door knockers, escutcheon plates, false hinges, door studs, and door bolts which can be fitted or supplied loose. We can also fit 5 lever lock systems for maximum security and even a cat flap if required. The stable door system is most often fitted with a thumb turn to connect the top door to the lower door in one easy turn. All of our doors are finished in two coats of Devon Wood Oil with subsequent coats required periodically. Drop down door seals can be rebated in if required or a standard oak drip bar can be fitted to the front of the door. Please note, the price quoted is inclusive of a 5 lever lock fitted and finishing with two coats of oil. All glazing and ironmongery fitted or loose is charged for separately. Please enquire within for more details and a full quotation. We currently have a longer waiting list due to increase in demand which is approximately 5-6 months for our bespoke external doors. PLEASE NOTE – the price quoted is for the door only. Exterior door frames can be made and are priced separately from £280.00 + vat.


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